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Energy studies

  • Energy studies for buildings and industries with advanced computational tools
  • Determination of efficiency of energy systems and energy interventions using advanced computational tools (eg calculation of seasonal performance of heat pumps for specific climatic conditions)
  • Study for energy systems design
  • Calculation of energy performance of buildings, passive solar systems and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Preparation of proposals and drafting licensing file for energy projects in National and European level.

Renewable Energy Systems Projects (RES)

  • Study (design?) – drafting licensing file – supervision for Photovoltaic installations
  • Study and construction of net-metering systems
  • Study and construction of other RES systems (wind turbines, geothermie, cogeneration, hydro, biomass, hybrid power systems)
  • Drafting licensing files for Renewable Energy Systems Projects

*In all the studies are used analytical models as well as simulations with specialized software

Special studies

  • Design and optimization of productive processes
  • Design and optimization of energy processes
  • Design and optimization of environmental processes
  • Development of computational tools for the calculation of energy systems performance
  • Design of hybrid power systems

Environmental studies

  • Approval & Update of Environmental Conditions licenses
  • Environmental impact studies

Development projects

  • Participation in research projects considering energy, environment and development
  • Energy services in ICT domain
  • Support and organization of technical – technological seminars and training programs
  • Drafting licenses file for National and European development projects
  • Development, design, technical-feasibility study, finding and evaluating financial tools for energy efficiency upgrade projects
  • Support and materialization of projects, research and studies